Bishoujo senshi sailor moon R Speedrun Eng Any%Normal strategy

This article was written in Japanese and put through a translator.
I've taken care to translate some obscure terms and enemy character names,
but I'm sorry if it's hard to understand.


This is a strategy for Any%Normal.

I was going to write this in order from Easy to Any%Normal,
but I've been trying Any%Normal for a long time now.
More and more other runners are taking on Normal.

I'm also inspired by watching people play and coming up with new ways to shorten it.
Any%Normal is a very cool category right now.

introductory article

 A shortening plan that can be used in all categories, how to control your character, and
We've put together a list of techniques and other things you need to know to make it faster.
If there's anything you don't understand after reading this article, please feel free to
I think you can solve this problem by reading here.

What is Any%Normal about?

Any%Normal is the default difficulty level. There are up to 4 stages. (Easy ends in two sides).
This is a category that requires basic skills and application, with Easy taking about 5-10 minutes to complete.
However, Normal takes about 20-25 minutes to get used to.

Unlike Easy, there aren't many enemies you can take down in one hit, so you can use aerial attacks and
Be aware that you can take them down in one turn by doing combos such as punching, punching, and throwing.
(If you roll the enemy over, you'll get a motion to get up or run off screen to slow down.


In Normal, it is also important to know when the enemy will take you down.
The Mega Crush (an invincible attack that uses physical strength), which is more powerful than the normal attack, is often used.
A strategy that involves multiple enemies is effective. Think of your health as the number of times you can use a Mega Crush.
Using it at the right time will help you clear the game faster. However, the enemies are moving around, so it's difficult to take no damage.
That's where the runner's skill comes into play, and that's the beauty of this category.

If you run out of power and can't shoot the mega-crash, rather than trying to proceed without dying.
Sometimes it's better to dare to lose to the enemy. Keep that in mind.

The enemy's movements, your luck... Managing your forces, understanding the battle situation, etc., is the ideal way to move.
This is a category where there is a lot of improvisation, so it's fun to see how different people's moves change.


segment-best and Charts

Try to play normally first, and once you get some familiarity with the game, refer to other people's videos.
It's also helpful to set a target time or watch videos of people who are close to your current time to learn.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R -

Here are the best videos of my runs and information on each stage and enemy.
This is the best video, so there are few failures. So, if you want to use it as a reference, it's more than the time it took me to complete the stage.
See how to defeat enemies, how to heal, when to use X-technique, etc.

Below I've written down where I use my X Special Move along with notes and reasons why I use it.
If I get an additional ribbon from the item box, where do I use it? I'll also make a note of such things.
I think this is better. If you have such thoughts, I'd love to hear them.
(I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this.)


Stage 1...In-game time: 146 seconds

【区間ベスト】セーラームーンR RTA 練習用 Normal 1面ベスト 2m49s

【区間ベスト】セーラームーンR RTA 練習用 Normal 1面ベスト 2m51s

The enemies on the first side have less energy and can take out most of them in one combo. The use of Mega Crush is very important.
It's a simple stage with simple enemy movement, but when it comes to time attack...?

Where to use X Special Move

(1) Four dumbbells area

(2) Opening of the boss fight (shoot with a series of buttons)

f:id:Norishige710:20200908123035g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200908123049g:plain

We'll take Dumble down before they scatter!
You can use it at the start of a boss fight to lock in your movement.

Stage 1 Notes!


If you shoot a blitz while the enemy you defeated before this area hasn't completely disappeared.
Only three of them will be damaged. Stand in front of the door after they disappear, or shoot a blitz after they disappear.

What if I get an extra ribbon?

(3) (+1 at the start of the boss fight) (to Green Dumble and Red Abogardler from late 1-2) (unused)

I don't think you need to aim too hard for the additional ribbons.
If you took the ribbons, you might find it more stable to use them twice at the start of the boss fight.
Alternatively, you have the option of using it on the green dumbbells and Red Abogardler in front of the boss room.

(I use the ribbons there when they come up, but sometimes I don't.)


Stage 2...In-game time: 211 seconds

Normal 2面ベスト 4m2s(更新)

In the raft area, how fast you can drop enemies can make a big difference in time.
Try to avoid stopping the raft as much as possible.

A relatively stable chart was created in August 2020. But it's also difficult.
I've made a video explaining the subtitles.
The English language, as usual, is left to the translation machine.

 Where to use the blitz.

(1) 2-1 last to two foulaiki

(However, depending on the situation, it will be faster if you don't use it.


The last enemy that appears in the game is a total of six of these three types.
As a premise, only two of them are displayed on the screen at the same time.
They are lined up in this order, and they will be replenished every time you defeat one of them.

f:id:Norishige710:20200908093152p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093152p:plain(waiting forf:id:Norishige710:20200909073521p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093418p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200909073521p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093418p:plain

Defeat the two Atgeschos first. Then a foulaiki and a green heavy will appear.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909073521p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093418p:plain (waiting forf:id:Norishige710:20200909073521p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093418p:plain
Defeat the one green heavy with an elbow + Mega Crush.
Then another one of the foulaiki comes out.
f:id:Norishige710:20200909073521p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200909073521p:plain(waiting forf:id:Norishige710:20200908093418p:plain
It goes like this. Blitz the two foulaikis and take them out at the same time.
Kill the last remaining green heavy with an Elbow + Mega Crush.


(2) Opening of the raft/ (3) Three zakos in front of the boss

f:id:Norishige710:20200908125403g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200912042011g:plain

(2) Don't shoot the blitz right away, listen to the song and get the timing right.
If you push the button too fast, you won't hit the attaché, but if you have the right timing
Even if the enemy is not displayed on the screen, the blitz hits you.


(3) Immediately after getting off the raft. As soon as an enemy appears on the screen, blitz the screen with a blitz attack.
In the old chart, you don't use it here and beat the enemy.
If you use blitzes here, enemies won't be scattered, so you can defeat them quickly.
You can take down the boss fight faster than using the blitz twice, too.

I've made a video explaining this area. It's easier to understand with your eyes.

Old Chart


 I'll use it twice here. 2 times for MegaClash + 2 times for Blitz.
In the case of TAS, I think you can beat it faster this way.
However, for speed runs, I think the new method is better.

Stage 3...In-game time: 308 seconds

This is a stage where the enemy characters have more energy and are generally stronger than ever. Most difficult.
The trickiest part of this stage is how to deal with Germanen. His time is not stable, so be careful.

※There is still room to update the PB video above.

Where to use the blitz.

(1) As soon as it starts. (Press the button repeatedly) / (3) Yellow Germanen before the boss fight (after hitting the mega-crash)
(2) Yellow Germanen in front of the item box (if you can get it, it will be faster) / (4) Boss (low priority)


f:id:Norishige710:20200908125447g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200908125347g:plain

The third side is really difficult. There are two places where you can pick up ribbons if you can adjust your strength well.
For now, I'm thinking the two basic locations should be used for the opening and the Germanen in the boss room.


If you defeat one of the yellow Germanen, the silver Germanen will appear.
Defeat three of them and you'll be able to fight the stage 3 boss.

You don't want to get into a fight with Germanen, who dives into the ground and becomes invincible.
We'll use Mega-Crush + Blitz to quickly destroy it. The strategy is to shorten this fight itself.


 Where to use the blitz.

f:id:Norishige710:20200912130352g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200912130450p:plain

You can release the ribbon by destroying the box when there is a life under the ribbon of the health gauge.
This section explains when you can aim and release the ribbon.

(2) On the yellow Germanene near the item box.

Adjust the life well and get the ribbon. And use it in this area.
If it looks like you can't, aim for a recovery item by holding out until the last minute and then breaking it.
In that case, a rose is preferable. Note that if you have too little strength, you'll be 1up.

This video shows the moment I killed the Large Shade (the black enemy), I shot the blitz.
The blitz production is for one unit, but the second Germanen also contains blitz damage.
(Blitz too early and you may fail.)

If you get the fourth ribbon from the box, you can use it on the boss.
In that case, there is no recovery item, so you'll die once for sure. Loss direction 4-5 seconds.
(Because it's faster to die and use Megakra than to proceed without dying.)

Don't think about the chart that takes four ribbons unless you're going for a world record.
This is because it's hard to adjust, and if you're not good at it, it will be extra slow.


 Stage 4...In-game time: 185 seconds

The last stage is a simple, straightforward, single track stage with no tricks.
Try to defeat enemies with a lot of physical strength by using Mega Crush.
Be careful of Dumble's grab move, as it will delay you for a few seconds if you get

hit.Where to use the blitz.

(1) (2) For the last boss twice. (Use it as a tome after you deal damage.)


I think this is the most stable and quickest place to go.

yellow heavyf:id:Norishige710:20200908093359p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093359p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093359p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093359p:plain

There's also a Kiheby 4-body zone, but these guys can be taken down with 2 mega-crashes.
So I think it's a waste of time to use blitzes on them.
The advantage of leaving the blitz until the boss fight.
The intention is to force the boss to drop the flying bosses when they get away and redo the flow of the fight.
The other thing is that blitzes are simply more powerful, so it's better than fighting a boss normally. 

Once you get off the pace, the worst thing that can happen is that you slow down like this.
This is too big of a loss, but anyone can do this.
There is a chance that your PB could disappear here. At that point, you can cry.


How to defeat the enemy

Learn how to defeat the mooks you fight in the Normal category. The important thing in this game is still the ability to improvise.
You can move better by understanding your attack power, enemy strength and where they appear.

Also, remember that you can take out most of the enemies at the beginning of the game with two Mega Crush shots.
I've written about a strategy that doesn't rely on this, but if it doesn't work, use the Mega Crush to kill them.
Sometimes it's better to defeat them quickly. Choose the techniques and combos to use according to the battle situation.

※However, since this article is a strategy using Jupiter,
the definite number of characters changes in the case of other characters. 


Shade (Red Shade, Yellow Shade)
Stage 1 only.

 f:id:Norishige710:20200909060020g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909055104g:plain

Even though he changes colors, his strength is the same.
Jump ↓ Y + 2 punches. Or you can defeat it with 3 punches.
It's also worth remembering that you can defeat it with a single Mega Crush. Be careful not to get too far away from them, as they will fly at you.



Large Appears on stages 1 and 3.
A larger version of Shade.
The yellow and black will dash straight into you if you stand on the same line.
Also, the individuals that appear on the third side have more life than the ones on the first side.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909063701g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909053942g:plain

The individuals that appear on the first side all have the same life, even if they are different colors.
There are many ways to defeat them, so it's all about spacing, the number of enemies, where you stand...
Learn the various ways to take it down so you can adapt to the situation.

The basic idea is to punch-punch-throw. Or even a jump ↓ Y elbow strike + 3 punches can take you down.
A common mistake is the elbow strike + mega-crash.
Be careful, as this can't be beaten just in time.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909064402g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909053931g:plain

Punch + Mega Crush. This is the fastest way to hit immediately.
Of course, you can also do it the other way around. (Mega Crush + Punch.)
Use this depending on the enemy's movement, position, and number of people.


Note that the Black Large Shade and Yellow Large Shade in Stage 3 have more life than they did in Stage 1.
An elbow strike + punch punch + mega-crash can take them out in one turn. (See gif)
It makes you fall over, but Punch Punch Punch + Megakura and Megakura + Megakura are also within a definite range.


f:id:Norishige710:20200908093152p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093200p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093205p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093210p:plain Appears in stages 1, 2 and 4

He doesn't have a lot of life, but he moves fast.
You should be able to take it down by dealing damage while it's rolling when it appears.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909053840g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909065040g:plain

Atsugesho can be defeated in one turn with a punch, punch, throw, punch + Megakura.
When it finishes rolling, it will run around in all directions, so if it's slow, you can consider hitting two Megakuras.

Blue and Red only appear in the two-sided raft zone and in front of the boss. Basically, drop them into the ocean and defeat them.

White Atsugesho comes out later in the game and is difficult to deal with due to its high vitals.
The enemies that come up in Stage 4 are Punch Punch Throw, Punch Punch Mega Crush, etc.
Try to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
If you let an enemy fall, attack other enemies in the meantime.



Foulaiki...Blue/Black/Red/White Appears in stages 1、3、4.

She is quick to move and dodge attacks. She has a long range attack with fire and even dives. A pretty strong opponent.
Roll it inside the screen with Mega Crush and leave Mega Crush on it again.
Safe way to defeat it.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909053920g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909081230g:plain

Both blue and black foulaiki have the same life.
You can take them down with two mega-crashes or a jump ↓ Y elbow + punch/punch mega-crash.
Note that the elbow may be avoided in front of you. In that case, give up that you weren't lucky.

The red and white foulaiki that appear on planes 3 and 4 have even more strength.


It's limited to the jump-out section...
Placement mega-crash + elbow + punch punch + mega-crash can be handled in one turn.
There are two places to jump in the red foulaiki. If you succeed, you can advance that much faster.
Also, if you succeed, it looks cool. (Important)

The white foulaiki is an enemy that is limited to the 4th side boss room.
Just like the previous white Atsugesho, try to deal as much damage with one attack as possible.


Only the red and white foulaiki will jump into the air and attack at a distance.
If you get hit by this attack, it will give you a blitz effect and 30% damage.
If she flies at you, counterattack with Mega Crush.



Dumble...purple/green/red/white Appears on Stage 1, 3 and 4.

Green and white hugging attacks are tricky.
It's sad when they hit when you're about to get a record. Change your mind.
If you want to die for the purpose of recovery, the purple and red kicks come in handy. (There's no unnecessary direction.)

f:id:Norishige710:20200909084202g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909083047g:plain

Purple Dumble is a jumping elbow plus a punch/punch/mega-crash.
Green Dumble has a lot of stamina and it's impossible to take it down in one turn, so deal with it as the situation demands.
This Gif is a successful but dangerous action. It's best not to imitate it.

Punch Punch Punch+Punch+Mega Crush, or
Defeat it with a punch-punch throw + punch mega-crash, etc.



If you get too close to Green and White Dumble, the hugging attack will delay them by 3-5 seconds.
Even if you're used to it, it will hit you, so be careful in between. If it's about one person's pause, it will suck.
A spoiled jump attack (elbow) will suck you in after you land.
Repeatedly use high-powered techniques such as the punch-punch throw and the punch-punch megakurra to take him down immediately.



Aboguardler...brown, red, blue, green Appears on sides 1, 2, and 3.

It hits you with a series of spinning and lunging moves. They are very powerful.
Don't forget to counter the damage voice by pressing the A button as soon as you hear it.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909054000g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909090517g:plain

The one coming out of the door will hit two mega-crashes.
The red one can be defeated in one turn with an elbow + punch mega-crash.
The enemies that come out of the raft area all fall to the surface of the water, so there's nothing to say.

The blue enemies on the third side have a bit more life. Use a punch-punch throw or a punch-mega-crash to take them out.
Roll up multiple enemies and take them down at once.


f:id:Norishige710:20200908093359p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093414p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093418p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093409p:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200908093404p:plain

Heavy Shade...yellow/white/green/blue Appears on planes 1, 3, and 4.

They are the so-called rush type. However, they also have the ability to avoid attacks by belly-sliding.
In the case of Jupiter, be careful not to hit him with a third punch, as he will avoid it while slipping on his belly.
Other than yellow, Jupiter's strength is low, but you'll get hurt if you underestimate them.

f:id:Norishige710:20200909053855g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909053907g:plain

Use a Punch-Punch Throw + Punch or Mega-Crush + Mega-Crush to take him down.
If you're in a daze, a series of hits will quickly reduce your health.
If you think you're in danger, Megacrush immediately!

f:id:Norishige710:20200909054010g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200909054021g:plain

The White Heavy is a rare character, with only one on two sides.
White, Green and Blue all have little life.
Take them down immediately with Elbow + Punch Punch or Elbow + Mega Crush. (Ditto for Green.)


 It's a nuisance for blue heavies to jump at you.
Since you can't attack continuously while jumping, you'll want to use a Mega Crush and a punch to take him down as soon as possible.
If you don't use the Mega Crash, you'll need to jump, roll... three times.
If you're rolling, you can take him down with an elbow + punch punch, etc., but he'll jump right in and is unstable.
If you're confident, you can try it.

f:id:Norishige710:20200908093140p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093108p:plainf:id:Norishige710:20200908093125p:plain    ※1f:id:Norishige710:20200909073633p:plain ※2f:id:Norishige710:20200908093113p:plain Stage 3 only appears.


The most annoying enemy in the game.
If you let your opponent fall, he will dive to the ground. (*1) He is invincible while in this state.
In addition, he can move. There's no way to deal damage during this time except with X Special Move.
It has high mobility and attack power, and will suck you in if you try to grab it.
(*2) Loss of about 3 seconds or more.
Yellow only, and the time it is diving is also unstable. If you're unlucky, you may have to stay under for 10 seconds.

Various elements make the Speedrun player suffer.

f:id:Norishige710:20200910030830g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200910030826g:plain

On the other hand, Red and Silver are relatively easy to defeat, as they will recover immediately if you knock them over.
However, if you roll them off screen or if a certain distance is left open, the game will be redone and they will dive and move.

When you see red, you'll want to take it out immediately with a Megakurra plus a punch or throw to take it down before it moves.
Silver can be defeated in one turn with a punch-punch-throw + punch+mega-crash.

f:id:Norishige710:20200910025333g:plain f:id:Norishige710:20200910025321g:plain


As for the yellow, it doesn't come out easily after I let it roll around...
It's easier to come out if you wait for it to come out, or if you get close to a puddle of water (I've heard).
I want to keep that in mind when fighting. This way it will come out faster! Please let me know if you know of any

For these reasons, the time is easily blurred against Germanen.
After a lot of thought, I've charted using X special move on Germanen here when I can aim for the ribbon.

If you can adjust your strength with Megakura, such as when you have full strength, it's better to aim for the ribbon.

It's the same for all colors, has perfect suction and power, and has a long hold time, all of which are Speedrun-worthy and all of which do massive damage.
You'll lose your mind if you get hit, so it's essential to change your mind. Even if you know in your head, you'll get eaten.

How to beat the boss

Stage1-4 ボスの倒し方/How to beat the boss

Stage1 Boss:0:00

Stage2 Boss:
0:24 (新ルート:電撃無し/new route…No blitz.)
Stage2 Boss:0:50 (旧ルート:電撃2発/old route…Two blitzes.)
Stage3 Boss:
1:13 (新ルート:パンチパンチメガクラ/Punch Punch A)
Stage3 Boss:
1:54 (旧ルート:パンチパンチ投げ/punch-punch throw)
Stage4 Boss:

Stage 1 may be hard to imitate as I have established a pattern in my way.
After you roll over, you enter diagonally and go to the top stage and do a well-timed elbow.
Then your opponent will kick you and you can carry him to the left with a punch-punch throw.

How the boss room works

Here's a simple image of the boss room on the first, third and fourth planes.
The reason why it's hard to hit the enemies when you roll on the right side is because of the big hollow.
If you fall on the right side, the boss and enemies will move around in the gray area.
On the other hand, the left side has a smaller dimple. So, mega-crashes and punches will hit you.
This is the same mechanism at the start of stage 3.



If you make him fall by blitzing him with an opening salvo.
A mega-crash will hit the enemy coming out of the left.



 End of Normal explanation.